Easy Slide Tray


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Easy Slide Tray

With Side Container

Deep strong side containers can be added to your standard Tray Slide to make even greater use of your cargo area & retain smaller items that would otherwise roll around and get damaged in transit.

INCLUDES 1x Tray Slide and 6 X Side Containers

A set includes 2 off 2/3 length containers that sit above the wheel arch and 2 off 1/3 length double Decker container that take up the space between the wheel arch and the tail gate bottom level is only accessible when the tray is extended. Bolt on system is used for the Easy Slide .

You can choose easy self installation (fitting kit & instructions provided) or choose to have it installed by us. Read about our installation cost and details on installation page.

Please go to our shipping page for more information about your shipping options.

Easy Slide Tray Brochure

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