Full Height Shelves 850 x 1400mm


Single shelf price, left or right

Customise your Trade or leisure Vehicle to add Functionality and comfort when you are on the road. Our shelves are adjustable to make it easy to be organised. All your work and leisure equipment can now have its own place in your 4×4 within reach.

Please check the brochure for details on which unit will best suit your vehicle.

Easy to fit & easy to remove.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable Shelves.
  • Various Heights and lenghts.
  • Fits Most 4×4 Models.See Brochure.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Easy Access to Tools.

PRICE IS FOR SINGLE SHELF. Buy two for a pair. Left and right shelving is identical so you can use them whichever side you prefer. You can choose easy self installation with no drilling required (fitting kit & instructions provided) or choose to have it installed by us, remember our price for installation does not include electrical work). Read about our installation cost and details on installation page.

Download Product Brochure

We Ship Australia Wide – Talk to us and we help organise your transport.

Available for various Tub lengths

  • Shelving Systems 130. Available for Pick-Up Dbl-Cab Short Bed: ± 1.3m.
  • Shelving Systems 150. Available for Pick-Up Dbl-Cab Long Bed: ± 1.5m.
  • Shelving Systems 180. Available for Pick-Up Extra-Cab. Bed: ± 1.8m.
Matching Products For Full Height Shelving Systems 850x1400mm
The perfect match for your shelves is our Drawer Systems or Tray Slide which helps you to get organised and have everything at easy reach. Please check the brochure for details on which unit will best suit your vehicle.

World Recognised Standard
Our shelves are are manufactured to the highest standard and certifications to give you the best in quality and features.
Please see terms and conditions which applies to our products. Click Here.

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