Tray Slide Flat Bed


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TraySlide Flat Bed

The TraySlide is made from 5 ply plywood, a multi layered veneer that is proportionally as strong as steel, but without the weight. Plywood is the most popular choice and will stand up to many years of use and abuse without warping or breaking. TraySlide with its non-slip grey synthetic carpet is the ideal choice for use under tops and hardtop/canopies.

Main features
  • Max 200kg load capacity (evenly distributed)
  • Six steel roller bearings. (For Dbl-Cabs Pick-Ups)
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Easy fitting and removal.
  • 3 locking positions.
  • Steel side rails with tie down holes
  • Synthetic grey carpet

PRICES INCLUDING ALL ABOVE. You can choose easy self installation (fitting kit & instructions provided) or choose to have it installed by us, remember our price for installation does not include electrical work). Read about our installation cost and details on installation page.

TraySlide Information

Loading and unloading from your ute tray is a breeze with the Trek 4×4 Super TraySlide. Your TraySlide will bring everything into easy reach, with its roller system using six steel roller bearings you can load and unload with ease. TraySlide has managed time and time again to deliver a quality innovative and durable product at an affordable price.
Available for Pick-up Dbl-Cabs. ± 1.20m short bed:Available for Pick-up Dbl-Cabs. ± 1.50m long bed:Available for Pick-up Extra-Cabs. ± 1.80m long bed:

World Recognised Standard
Our TraySlide are manufactured to the highest standard and certifications to give you the best in quality and features.
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Tray Slide Flat Bed Brochure

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