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Our Team at Tre4x4 can have your canopy fitted in and you back on the road in approx. 1.5hrs m That’s fitment of canopy and wiring of central locking system. We offer a relatively quick turn around as we know that your time is valuable we appreciate this.

Once your fitment is booked in we have it ready to go & ready to fit. After fitment we walk you through a demonstration of the canopy and also how to maintain and care for your canopy to you have the best experience with it over a long period.


Trek 4x4 Canopy Installation - $250 includes wiring CENTRAL LOCKING

Trek 4×4 Ute canopies have as a convenient feature is ‘Central Locking’ this is integrated with the cars locking system. 

Fitment price for ford Ranger J Brace inc canopy fitment is $750 ( including $440 fitment of J Brace )

Freighted items – Fitment kit and Instructions provided. Central locking wiring is best completed professionally by general mechanic or auto electrician

Drawer Installation

Twin Drawer Systems are by far the most popular choice in drawer system storage.It is widely accepted that a flattop twin drawer system, offers the most storage capacity over any other configuration, both internally and externally. Twin drawers also offer the most flexibility and are more user friendly when you are not on that trip away. It’s about making the most of your storage selection when at home or away. The twin drawer system offers the most uninhibited choice and ability to use and leave the storage system in the vehicle when you are not away. Features include full steel construction, is perfect and is designed to suit new 4WD enthusiasts setting up their trucks.We all know that it can be an expensive exercise, so the lighter price tag is appreciated here without forgoing any quality

Easy to fit & easy to remove.

Standard Features


Trek 4×4 offer fitting service. Contact us for more details.

4×4 Tray Slide Installation

The Trek4x4 Tray Slide  – $125 can be fitted at our location. Allow 1-1,5 hrs. Or alternativley if freighted to your location, fitting kit and detailed instructions are provided.  Note the unit must be secured/fixed to the floor of the ute. Commonly we use Nut serts. Nutserts are fundamentally a tube with an internal thread that attaches to the surface of sheet metal, effectivley once fixed in performs like a nut. The nutsert can be used for bolting purposes. Once fixed in the Tray slide can bolted in and unbolted with a 13mm spanner.

Easy to fit & easy to remove.

Main Features


Trek 4×4 offer fitting service. Contact us for more details.

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