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2015 Triton Canopies

May 18, 2019

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Triton 2015 Canopy

Trek 4×4 can supply you with the canopy you need for your leisure or workstyle Mitsubishi MQ 2015. The canopy have all the great features from our other Mitsubishi canopies and they of course come in your preferred color.

Incorporate Canopy With Your Vehicle Purchase

We have the option to speak directly to your dealership to include your canopy as part of your financed or lease purchase. This is a great way for you to have a complete Triton 2015 for your everyday work or leisure life.

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the vehicle

Mitsubishi L200.MK.7 2015 Features

These are only some of the features of the new Triton 2015 model. View the canopies and products we have available for Mitsubishi Triton.

Video of Mitsubishi L200.MK.7 Triton 2015

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